We accept beginners 12 years and older at any time. We offer 2 free classes with no obligation.

In the beginning you will work on some introductory material with one of our senior members.
We aim to involve you with the rest of the class in a staged manner depending on what the class is doing and your own comfort level.
A priority for us is to give you a safe experience. Try it out, meet our members and hear their stories.
Register your interest using the form below and we will contact you.

In the beginning - What you will learn

Initially we aim to cover the following elements of aikido at a basic level:

  • History
  • Etiquette
  • Falling Safely - Ukemi
  • Basic evasive movements
  • A range of Aikido throws and immobilisations
  • Aiki Jo exercises (jo is the 4 foot wooden staff)
  • Aiki Bokken exercises (bokken is the wooden sword)
  • Concepts of non resistance and harmony

You do not require a uniform to participate in these classes just wear something comfortable that covers you knees and elbows.


Beginners will usually be taught by Vaughan Magnusson (1st Dan)